Delaware County is home to Islamberg, a rural community situated approximately 130 miles northwest of New York City. Spanning 50 to 70 acres, this compound was established in 1980 by around two dozen Muslim families originally from Brooklyn. Their intention was to create a safe haven amidst the turmoil of the crack epidemic, allowing them to practice their faith without fear.

Today, Islamberg serves as the national headquarters for The Muslims of America, a prominent Muslim organization.

However, in 2007, unfounded rumors began circulating, falsely labeling Islamberg as a terrorist training camp. Journalists and right-wing extremists propagated claims of similar camps across nine states, dubbing them “No Go Zones” purportedly closed off to outsiders, including law enforcement.

In 2015, Robert Doggart, a Christian minister from Tennessee, escalated tensions by soliciting volunteers on social media to attack Islamberg. He openly discussed his plans to inflict harm, referring to it as his Christian duty. Doggart’s extremist rhetoric extended to a public rally where he targeted then-President Obama, labeling him a traitor.

Subsequent FBI investigations revealed Doggart’s alarming intentions, with evidence of communication with at least ten individuals regarding his violent plans. Shockingly, none of these individuals reported him to authorities.

Doggart and his followers expressed willingness to harm innocent residents of Islamberg, including children, viewing them as collateral damage. This raises questions about Doggart’s classification as a terrorist and the perception of terrorism in relation to race.

Witness the disturbing events surrounding Islamberg and the alarming rise of domestic extremism in this thought-provoking documentary.

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