On the serene morning of September 11, 2001, amidst clear blue skies, the documentary “9/11 War Games” sheds light on a lesser-known aspect of that fateful day. Produced by the Corbett Report, known for its alternative perspectives, the film offers a unique angle for those who question the official narrative of the tragic events.

Prior to the unfolding of the attacks, a significant number of aviation tests, military drills, and emergency simulations were underway, some bearing striking resemblance to the terrorist acts that would later unfold. Despite subsequent denials, the documentary argues that military entities were well-informed about the potential for such an attack and actively prepared for it.

Presented evidence reveals how the government was cognizant of specific threats leading up to 9/11. Documents and recordings expose multiple military exercises conducted by NORAD, including simulations involving hijacked airplanes, coordinated multi-plane attacks, and scenarios featuring aircraft used as weapons targeting the Pentagon.

The film posits a theory: the actual terrorist plot capitalized on these simulated war games. While blame initially fell on the FAA, the film contends that the confusion between exercises and reality hindered the prevention of the attacks. It suggests that the terrorist cell exploited this confusion to their advantage.

Taking a more extreme stance, the documentary theorizes complicity among members of NORAD, the US military, and the National Command Authority in the attacks. It proposes that the blurring of lines between simulation and reality was intentional, providing a strategic advantage for those involved.

While some viewers may find the conspiracy-themed content offensive, particularly regarding the events of 9/11, “9/11 War Games” presents a thought-provoking argument for greater transparency.

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