This documentary sheds light on the imminent threat facing the world’s last remaining rivers, along with the millions of lives and cultures that rely on them. Despite being touted as ‘green’ and ‘clean’ energy solutions, mega dams pose significant ecological and social risks, including habitat destruction, species endangerment, and displacement of communities.

Examining two disparate construction projects in Turkey and Brazil, the film underscores the shared objective of safeguarding the free flow of rivers worldwide. In Hasankeyf, Turkey, the proposed Ilisu Dam project jeopardizes a region of profound archaeological and cultural significance. Home to threatened species and numerous archaeological sites, including the historic town of Hasankeyf, the area faces irreparable damage if the dam proceeds as planned.

Similarly, in the remote Amazon rainforest of Brazil, the Belo Monte Dam project threatens the livelihoods of approximately 225,000 indigenous people from 18 ethnic groups. With ambitious plans for hydroelectric development, the project entails massive habitat destruction, displacing tens of thousands of residents and disrupting traditional ways of life.

Addressing the urgent need to halt these destructive projects, the documentary prompts viewers to consider actionable solutions. Advocacy, public awareness campaigns, and political pressure are essential in challenging government policies and corporate interests that prioritize short-term gains over long-term sustainability and human rights.

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