Inner Worlds is a captivating exploration crafted by Canadian filmmaker, musician, and meditation teacher, Daniel Schmidt. Drawing from his own profound experiences in meditation, the film serves as an external reflection of his spiritual journey.

At the heart of Inner Worlds lies the concept of Akasha, the unmanifested, often described as the “nothingness” or emptiness that permeates the vast expanse of space. Contrary to its name, empty space is teeming with energy and information, as saints, sages, and yogis have discovered through introspection. They realized that within this emptiness exists boundless power, a divine web that interconnects all existence.

Central to the film’s narrative is the notion of the Spiral, a concept hinted at by the ancient philosopher Plato as the golden key that unlocks the mysteries of the universe. This spiral represents the intelligence of the logos, the primordial om, often referred to as the mind of God. Its source remains the greatest enigma of our existence.

The Serpent and the Lotus symbolize the dual currents of existence—the downward current represented by the serpent and the upward current symbolized by the blooming lotus. Ancient traditions teach that humanity can serve as a bridge between the outer and inner realms, transcending from the material to the spiritual, from the lower chakras to the higher realms of consciousness.

Beyond Thinking delves into the human pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. In a world where happiness is often sought externally, like a commodity to be acquired, Inner Worlds challenges this notion. It suggests that true happiness cannot be pursued or bought; instead, it lies within the depths of our being, waiting to be discovered through introspection and spiritual awakening.

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