In today’s rapidly changing world, what some may take for granted are mere dreams for others. Countless men, women, and children find themselves forced to leave behind the comforts of home, embarking on a perilous journey for survival. The global refugee crisis unfolding across numerous regions is nothing short of staggering, with estimates indicating that over 60 million individuals have been displaced since 2015. Many experts view this as the most significant refugee crisis since the aftermath of World War II.

In January 2016, a small team of filmmakers ventured to Greece, aiming to shed light on the individuals at the heart of this crisis. For many refugees, Greece represents a beacon of hope, a gateway to a new beginning, and a potential pathway to countries like Germany.

One woman interviewed emphasized that she did not flee her homeland; rather, Syria had become inhospitable even to animals. The absence of basic necessities such as running water and electricity, coupled with pervasive insecurity, rendered life unbearable. Another interviewee recounted harrowing experiences in prison, surpassing the bounds of human comprehension. Amidst the chaos, safety remained elusive, with individuals forced to make unimaginable sacrifices to survive.

The devastating reality is that Syria, once beloved by its inhabitants, now lies in ruins—a mere shadow of its former self.

The journey to safety for many refugees often involves perilous boat crossings. These makeshift vessels, ill-equipped for such voyages, frequently succumb to the elements, plunging passengers into the depths of the sea. Even upon reaching shore, the journey’s toll persists, as illness and exhaustion claim lives. Tragically, some perish just as the shores come into view, a cruel twist of fate that underscores the profound hardship faced by those who survive.

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