“The Smash Brothers” is a remarkable documentary series consisting of nine short episodes, renowned as one of the finest e-Sport documentaries ever made. It delves deep into the world of Smash Bros., revealing why competitive players are drawn to this seemingly casual game. Originally created by Nintendo for the average gamer, Smash Bros. evolved into a compelling competitive platform due to its flexibility and intensity, becoming a cornerstone of competitive gaming.

The series uncovers the fascinating journey of “The Smash Brothers,” beginning with the discovery of a pivotal bug that revolutionized the game’s dynamics. It then delves into the extraordinary tales of the world’s top players, highlighting their unparalleled skill and dedication. One notable scene features a friend of the producer facing off against Korean DJ, a legendary Melee player, unaware of the challenge he’s about to encounter.

In “The Smash Brothers,” each player has four lives, and the objective is to deplete all of the opponent’s stocks to win. Korean DJ intentionally loses three lives before showcasing his true prowess, leaving even multiple opponents stunned by his speed and precision. The series captures the essence of a game originally designed for casual play but embraced by a passionate community of competitive gamers.

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