In “Sex, Robots and Us,” Samantha, an AI-powered sex doll, awaits her journey to Australia, where she’ll serve clients in a brothel. Created by a husband and wife team, Samantha embodies the advancements in the sex doll industry, featuring lifelike silicone surfaces, accurate animatronic reflexes, and heightened interaction capabilities.

While sex dolls have been around for some time, they’ve evolved into sophisticated companions, gaining popularity in societies increasingly disconnected from interpersonal relationships. Female models dominate the market, reflecting societal preferences.

This documentary delves into the implications of this technological shift. How will it redefine healthy relationships and societal attitudes toward sex and desire? Does it fulfill basic human needs or exacerbate issues like sexual dysfunction and deviancy?

Exploring sex industries in Spain, London, and Japan, the film raises pressing questions about consent and the normalization of on-demand sex. As technology progresses, the line between human and machine blurs. Innovations in Japan showcase lifelike dolls with advanced AI, blurring the lines of self-awareness.

“Sex, Robots and Us” serves as a provocative examination of the intersection of technology and human intimacy, offering insights that both captivate and unsettle.

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